Events: It Wasn't All Work and No Play!

May Day CelebrationA Rite of Spring: The crowning of the year’s May Day “King” and “Queen.” Courtesy of the Rappahannock News.Graduation Scrapbook entryThe class spirit is apparent in Catherine Dennis Taylor's graduation scrapbook. Class of 1948. Gift of Catherine Dennis Taylor.Peggy Ann Andes & Joana Aylor during recess.

Students put on special programs throughout the year to celebrate Christmas, Easter, May Day, and the last day of school.  In February, they recognized the history and accomplishments of African Americans during "Negro History Week.".   May Day was especially popular.   Local African-American grade schools in Rappahannock County took turns hosting festivities that included the maypole dance and races, and the schools competed to raise money.  The winner got to crown two of its students "king" and "queen."

Scrabble’s Parent Teacher Association also organized fundraising events to purchase books and other supplies.  White elephant sales, turkey and chicken dinners, and buying a ticket for a chance to win a cake during the annual cakewalk attracted community support in a social setting.

Sometimes, though, the best memories relate to day-to-day activities.  Scrabble alumni speak fondly of ice cream days and recess games such as baseball, jump rope, hopscotch, Mother May I, and Hide the Switch.   And one of the biggest highlights was "Soup Day," the day each week when parents brought homemade soup for lunch.

It is this combination of involved parents, dedicated teachers, community support, and enthusiastic children that created a strong educational and social foundation for Scrabble School’s graduates.  Or, as the Class of 1948 put it:  We Finish to Begin.

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